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Need support or have any questions about the bot, want to help out with the project? Perhaps you’d just like to come and have a chat? Join our Community & Support Server by clicking the support tab at the top of the page or by clicking the Discord logo!

Lock Bot is a server utility bot on Discord that is based on raid & scam prevention, immense amount of moderation tools, as well as many more to keep your members and server as safe as they could possibly be.

About Lock Bot

Lock Bot is a utility, moderation, raid & scam prevention Discord Bot designed to help your server with every day essentials. Whether that being, scanning links for scams or locking down your server with many modules, we’ve got you covered. 
Since the creation of Lock Bot back in 2018, its grown rapidly, and still going! When Lock Bot’s development was taken over by another developer and subsequent development team, Lock Bot was reformed even more than before and we’re always working on new things. We are constantly working to improve Lock Bot to face new challenges everyday to ensure Discord servers remain safe, fun environments for everyone, no matter their backgrounds.


Want to become a partner with Lock Bot or just explore who we’re partnered with? You can go to our partners page at the top of your screen or by clicking the button below. There you can access our full list of partners as well as explore amazing deals from NordVPN as well as many others to come!

Support Us!

We here at Lock Bot want to provide you with the tools you need to keep your members safe and your server safer. Unfortunately, all of those come at a cost and add up on our end. The Patreon link provided below will take you to our Patreon site where you can view plans we have so you can help keep Lock Bot running at 150%.

What does Lock Bot do?

◉ Instantly kick/ban members upon joining your server

◉ Lock your entire server in a middle of a raid

◉ Logging System to show you what Lock Bot is doing instantly

◉ Scan every link sent and filter out scams and customize the punishment

◉ Prevent email addresses & IP addresses from being sent

What makes us different?

We have not seen any other Discord Bots do what Lock Bot does! 
We’re constantly working on Lock Bot to better protect your server. Lock Bot is always being updated with new modules to better protect your server. 
Serving over 25,000 servers and protecting over 6 million Discord users, you’re in great hands! We aim to give you total control over your server. We do not look for competition over other Discord Bots, we’re here in case you need Lock Bot, any time, anywhere. 

Getting Started

Getting Started with Lock Bot is a piece of cake, simply add the bot to your server, check out our documentation, and get started to better protect your server.
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