What I have planned for Lock Bot in 2022

Lock Bot is having massive impacts on servers, day in day out. This is why I are going to be taking Lock Bot to next step of raid prevention.

From November 2021, I am going to be completely changing Lock Bot. This is in terms of, Locking Modules and Design.

There will be tons of customisation choices you will be able to change, examples being: enabling/disabling commands, hide channels you don’t want to be locked, and, customise what you want the bot to do when Kick/Ban Lock is enabled. This could be, punish users who join the server is their account age is under a certain date, if the user has no avatar, if the user has a particular username, etc.


I am looking to being in Verification into Lock Bot, but not the react to a message rubbish. No. We’re taking this to another level. Briefly explaining this: Upon a user joining a server, they will be dm’ed a link to click in order to verify, this link will include a reCAPTCHA and IP Verification. ‘IP Verification’ will check if any ‘alts’ join the server from different accounts. IP Verification will only be prompted if the user’s account is set under a certain time, for example, 14 days.

Upgrade discord.js & Slash Commands

We’re going to be upgrading to Discord.js to v13 and, in time, move to Slash Commands.

Scam Filtering

Scam filtering will be added to Lock Bot; in the next update; to help prevent [nitro] scams being sent in the server.

Anti Raid

I have also been inspired to an ‘anti-raid’ module, this will be an automated system with sub modules inside of it which may:

• check if a user/bot bans other users under amount of time, they will be punished. 

• check if a user/bot creates/edit/delete channels under a certain amount of time, punish them.

• Same thing for roles

•Set a member role (or use the @everyone role), if that member role receives Moderator permissions such as kick, ban, manage messages, admin etc, it will be removed to the default permissions, and check who changed the permission for the role, then punish them.

The Next Update

This update is going to be the last one for a while since the ‘big plans’ going ahead. I will take the next couple of days to get as much as I possibly can.

The list below will be the next big update for Lock Bot on Saturday 18th September 2021:

• Link Lock and Discord Link Lock will be added from v2

• ‘Fraudulent Activity’ module will be added. When enabled, a private API will scan all links and detect for ‘fraudulent’ activity, this could be nitro/steam scams for example. Administrators will have the decision to decide which punishment users will receive if they send a ‘fraudulent’ link, these include: None, Kick, Ban. Dectections will be sent in the desired logs channel with, user info, link detected, the message content, the reason for the detection to be triggered and finally the punishment the user has received.

• ‘Did you mean’ command. If a user tries to send a command which doesn’t exist, they will be promoted for similar commands based on their search. 

• ‘Did You Mean’ command will be added to the panel command.

• The Kick/Ban Lock Reason will be added to the panel command.

• A major if not significant performance increase.

There are other things I will be adding here so make sure you’re on the look out.

I’d like of your opinions/suggestions on this in either the staff channel or DMs. 

Many thanks,