Who are we?

About the Project

Lock Bot was created by Adam_V back in 2018 and ever since then we’ve worked harder than ever to give you the best outcomes for your server. Lock Bot was created to prevent your server from raids and scams in as many simple, but effective ways as possible. Still going, we’re working harder than ever to keep up with new raids and scams that join Discord and attempting to put a stop to it, one way or another.

Meet our Team

Senior Leadership Team

Adam_V – Project Leader

Soocle – General Manager

Miguel – Lead Developer

Mesub – Team Leader of the Support Team

Waffles – Team Leader of the Media Team

Staff Members

ProDiamondYT – Developer & Database Manager

Moros – Support Team

Potato – Support Team

Zoin – Support Team

GrifGrif – Support Team

ShardM – Support Team & Media Team

Liege – Trial Moderator